Distinguish your packaging with refinements


We know perfectly well how important it is to efficiently manage the company and continuous development, which is facilitated by the implemented SAP IT system and numerous internal and external trainings.
Thanks to the SAP system, we quickly conduct ongoing control of the company's operations and make the right decisions. Our team of 150 specialized employees, such as: graphic designers, packaging designers, production planners and organizers, traders, printers, machine operators and people responsible for management and quality control will meet any task to meet customer requirements.

Offset printing

The Roland and Heidelberg machine park consists of 39 printing units in B0 and B1 formats, equipped with the latest available control and measurement technologies.


We use extensive finishing techniques: cold stamping, embossing, sticking windows, printing on metallized raw materials, varnishing, e.g. hybrid, UV.


Two high-bay warehouses provide over 2,000 pallet spaces. They are occupied by raw materials purchased directly from producers and finished products. The warehouses are a guarantee of continuity production and deliveries.


We have our own fleet of 10 cars, which we are constantly expanding. Cars with different payloads provide flexibility in deliveries.
Thanks to our own transport, we are always on time!

Marketing and sales department

The employees of this department deal with the customer from the first contact, ensure good cooperation and, if necessary, advise on the right choice of technological parameters of packaging and optimization of production costs.

Graphic design studio

We have a professionally equipped graphic studio in which packaging designs are developed, including the most complex, richly refined. The studio, apart from modern computer equipment, has proofers for test packages.