We choose from among the technological leaders in the printing industry


We have 8 offset machines, including 7 in B1 format and 1 in BO format - a total of 47 units.


  • Roland Evolution 907 LV3B
  • Roland Evolution 707 LV3B
  • Roland Evolution 706 LTTLV
  • Roland 706 DirectDrive
  • Roland 704 DirectDrive
  • Roland 702 LV3B
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster 104
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster 102

Roland Evolution 707 LV3B has the ability to print with UV inks up to 7 colors in line, equipped with the VINFOILL system - cold gilding system and a UV coating tower. Print speed up to 18 500 sheets/h.

Punching and stamping

We have 6 die-cutting machines from the BOBST company and, additionally, a semi-format machine from Saroglia. Our flagship machines are Expertcut with PowerRegister system and Expertcut 145 LER with PowerRegister system and full logistics launched in 2021.
These machines allow us to work with a very wide range of products: from paper to self-adhesive paper as well as cardboard.


Our production is controlled by the EyeC system, which supervises the course of the entire production on the printing press. The system compares it with the client's proof and informs the operator in the event of any problems. It prevents job mix-ups, detects printing defects on the fly, allows the operator to make quick corrections, reduces waste and avoids costly reprints.
Such control is a guarantee of perfect cardboard boxes!


We have modern folding machines from Herzog + Heymann, Heidelberg Stahlfolder, MBO. Thanks to the possibilities of our machines we produce folded leaflets, sealed with a ribbon or jelly.


Six folding and gluing lines from BOBST, equipped with gyrobox, Accubraill GT and Cartonpack GT, can glue even complex structures, e.g. 21-big boxes for chocolates.


Production takes place on Lamina machines. Soon, we will launch a modern BOBST MASTERSTAR laminating machine with a GAPRO glue application system in the 
1650x 1650 format and with a capacity of 10,000/h.


We always adapt to customer needs!